About Shaklee

Shaklee is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Pleasanton, CA. At our core, we believe our products must be good for both you and the environment. From being the first company in the world to be certified as Climate Neutral to conducting over 100,000 quality tests screening for over 350 different contaminants, pesticides, and impurities on every botanical ingredient yearly, you will have confidence you are representing a brand in alignment with your own brand.

Who We Are

We are proud of our history and our current story, and we know you will be, too—from being the first company to fully offset carbon emission to planting more than 1 million trees around the world. And, Dr. Shaklee created the first multivitamin in the United States.

Proven by Science

Our products are backed by 135 clinical studies, published papers, and scientific presentations, and 100+ patents and patents pending. Read the study.

We Are Global

Your message goes everywhere, almost as much as our products.

Dr. Shaklee

Dr. Shaklee understood the connection between human health and the environment before nearly anyone else. Learn more about Dr. Shaklee.

Shaklee History



Dr. Shaklee invents Shaklee’s Vitalized Minerals, the first multivitamin in the United States.


Shaklee Corporation opens for business.


Shaklee introduces Baisc-H
Concentrated Organic Cleaner.


Dr. Shaklee creates
Instant Protein.


United States Winter Games Ski Team
names Shaklee Official Nutrition Consultant.


Shaklee becomes the first company in the
world to obtain Climate Neutral Certification.


Captain Scott Kelly takes Shaklee supplements
during his year on the International Space Station.


Shaklee-powered athletes have won 146 gold,
silver, and bronze medals over the past 37 years.