All current Shaklee job openings in the U.S. can be found on Taleo.

Internal Applicants

Shaklee provides current employees with the opportunity to indicate their interest in open positions and advance their careers within the organization according to their skills and experience.  Internal candidates are always given consideration.

If you are a current Shaklee employee interested in applying for an open position, you may submit a résumé and brief explanation of your interest to Human Resources indicating which role you would like to be considered for.

Employee Referral and Bonus Award Program

Shaklee encourages employees to refer qualified individuals as candidates for open positions in the company.  If an employee refers a qualified candidate who is later hired for a position at Shaklee, the referring employee is eligible for a bonus award payment based upon the category of the position filled:

  • Non-Exempt (hourly): $500
  • Exempt (salaried professional): $1,000
  • Manager/Sr. Manager-level: $1,500
  • Director-level and above: $2,000

Please note that the referral bonus award shall be compensated under the following conditions:

  1. New Hire must complete 90 days of employment
  2. Referring employee must be an active employee at the time the referred employee successfully completes 90 days of employment
  3. A résumé is provided along with the referral sheet
  4. All bonus awards are processed as part of the payroll system and are subject to payroll supplemental taxes and deductions

Exceptions: the hiring manager for the open position, Directors and above, and members of the Human Resources department are ineligible from participating in the Employee Referral and Bonus Award program.

If you have a candidate you would like to refer, please complete the Employee Referral Form and submit it to Human Resources.