Louisiana Flooding

April, 2016

A torrential rain event during the first full week of March 2016 featuring over two feet of record March rain in the South unleashed major river flooding, rising to historic levels in some areas.  Record flooding occurred along a sizable stretch of the Sabine River along the Texas/Louisiana border, due to record releases from Toledo Bend Reservoir, first put in service in 1966. 

The heavy rainfall event across Louisiana in early March was one of historic proportion. The latest update from the National Weather Service shows the heaviest band of rain across the north-central part of the state with a secondary band of heavy rain across southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi.  Nearly 27 inches of rain fell near Monroe. Locally on the north shore, the high mark was Mount Hermon in Washington Parish with 16 inches.

Ginny Hodgkins (Director from LA) and Nita Henry (downline from Ginny)

This request is being made in response to the flooding that has occurred in at least 16 Louisiana parishes. Ginny’s downline, Nita Henry will receive and distribute Product Packs to individuals, families and first responders that are in need in her surrounding area. In addition, Nita’s friend and neighbor Joy Carson needed assistance beyond Shaklee products. She requested and provided a Shaklee Cares Grant Application for Joy.

Joy Carson – neighbor of Nita Henry

Joy Carson, a woman who lost her home and all belongings in the Louisiana Floods.  Prior to losing her home, Joy was a neighbor of Shaklee Member Nita Henry who recently requested numerous Shaklee Cares Product Packs to distribute to first responders and victims of the floods.

Joy Carson lived in her mobile home with her 2 adult sons and 3 grandchildren. Joy became the grandchildren’s guardian after the Joy’s daughter and mother of the three children passed away more than 10 years ago from on an on-the-job auto accident – she was a taxi driver.

Joy is currently living in a small home behind a friends’ home with the 3 grandchildren and would love to be able to purchase a washing machine so she can do her own laundry.