Wildfires, Flooding & Tornadoes


Mary Ann Davis (Associate, TX) delivered Shaklee Cares Product Packs to first responders of the Texas Smithville Fire Department. Smithville has tremendous need as a result of the wildfires and flooding that occurred in October 2015.

Shaklee Cares was also in Texas over four years ago to assist neighboring Bastrop Fire Department in their time of need, and now you can begin to see signs of re-growth. It’s with your continued support of Shaklee Cares, that this assistance can be provided.

Jude Peskuski (Key Coordinator, TX)

Jude requested a number of Shaklee Cares Product Packs in response to the North Texas Tornadoes that occurred in December 2015.  Jude partnered with the Central Church of God and the Victim Relief Ministries in Tyler, TX where many families in need of help sought assistance.  They received Shaklee Cares nutritional and cleaning packs in addition, packs were sent to provide for the First Responders assisting in that area.

Kim Soto (Associate, TX)

The following Shaklee Cares Product Pack request was made this afternoon by Kim Soto, Shaklee Associate and Member since 2004 and part of Jude Peskuski’s group.

This request is being made in response to the North Texas Tornadoes that occurred in December 2015 – which was declared a state of disaster. Kim has been working with the Church in the City in Rockwall TX and these packs will go to support those families that were affected with many losing their homes.