West Virginia Floods

On June 23, 2016, a devastating flood hit areas of West Virginia, severely damaging and destroying more than 1,200 homes, with 23 fatalities. The flooding was the result of 8 to 10 inches of rain falling over a period of only a few hours, resulting in the third-deadliest flood in the history of West Virginia.

Sherry Sutterby, Shaklee Distributor since 1979, stepped up to partner with Shaklee Cares to help friends and neighbors in southern West Virginia after floods swept through, destroying small towns in its wake. Sherry lives in Lewisburg, WV, and while thankful her home and town were not severely affected, many of the surrounding communities were devastated. Sherry knew she had to help.

Due to the flooding, many people in the already struggling small towns have lost their homes and businesses. One of the towns with the most destruction is home to the Greenbrier Hotel and Resort, which was scheduled to host the “Classic” Fed Ex golf tournament July 4-10, but had to be cancelled due to damage. Several of those in the areas affected are employed by the Greenbrier, which had to close for repairs.

Wanting to do even more, Sherry then partnered with The G.R.O.W. Project, Inc., a community organization operated by Laura Lee and Vernell “Bimbo” Coles, a former NBA basketball player who now volunteers and mentors the youth of the community. G.R.O.W. is an international community-to-community partnership working on local initiatives in health care and education in the Greenbrier Valley in West Virginia. As an added blessing, Laura Coles’ brother is a Greenbrier County police officer. He will be their “go to” person to learn where best the First Responder’s packages should go.

Sherry even went a step further by creating instruction cards to include with each of the Basic-G® and Basic-H2® packages to assist recipients in using the products wisely. The cards have instructions on one side and a note about Shaklee Cares on the other to let people know more about Shaklee and the wonderful work we do.

Sherry and her husband, Bruce, Laura, Bimbo and a group of wonderful G.R.O.W. volunteers have assembled Shaklee Cares Cleaning Packs and First Responder Duty and Recovery Packs.  They will then distribute in their community to First Responders and others as the clean-up continues in the weeks and months to come.

Bruce Sherrys husband assembling product
Sherry and  others with products

Laura Evans, for Brittany Adkins

Those who are in the midst of a disaster may not know about Shaklee Cares and how it can help. Lucky for the people of Fayetteville, WV,Master Coordinator Laura Evans provided a request for Shaklee Cares Product Packs on behalf of her downline, Brittany Adkins, Member. Brittany lives in Fayetteville and will be partnering with the First Calvary Church there to help those families seeking assistance with the flood